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Propcheckup offers an exceptional service for property owners by meticulously inspecting homes for flaws often overlooked during handover. Their dedication to educating clients on their rights, utilizing advanced technology, and providing thorough reports sets them apart.  With a comprehensive inspection process, they identified over 200 issues in a single flat,  covering everything from alignment to electrical and flooring concerns. Their professionalism extends to supporting clients post-inspection, ensuring builders rectify issues at no extra cost. In a market with few competitors, Propcheckup shines for their honesty, value, and stellar customer support, with particular commendation to Nitin and Nilesh.


Vishakha Hegishte, Rustomjee Azziano

Extremely satisfied with report provided by propcheckup team. Very professional and skill full team. Produced a 100+ pages of detailed property report with photographs and lots of attention to the details which is difficult for individuals not having the relevant knowledge and skill 100% recommended.

Vaibhav Gandhi, Trump Tower

I highly recommend Nitin and his team-super helpful,affordable,accomodative,solution oriented and knowledgeable..Pleasantly surprised..We have done one inspection and two follow ons with them..

Sushama Reddy, Design Professional

From the initial stage of getting to know the team, their scope of work, the pricing and how would the results be provided to us, it was so smooth and perfect. Total Professional approach. They reached my city (away from Mumbai) well on time, did a great job and provided me with a detailed report which was well documented with snaps (as my backup). It was easier for me to reach out to my developer with this snag list. I will definitely recommend for Quality Work with Professionalism. Ther are always ready to hear what the client was to know and understand. Good Job Guys…..Keep up the Good Work….

Bipin Menon, Riverdale pune

 The Propcheckup team visited apartment right on time despite heavy rains that day. It look them longer than expected to complete the inspection but they made sure to check everything perfectly, in avery professional and systematic order. 95% of the things reported by the team were such that are impossible to find by an inexperienced eye. they gave a complete report along with pictures and notes which was very helpful for mi to discuss with the builder and get them rectified.

Bhavik Shah, Trump Tower

Opting for Propcheckup services for a home inspection at Arkade Earth proved to be an excellent decision. Nitin and his team conducted a thorough inspection within a short timeframe of 2 to 2.5 hours, surpassing expectations. Despite initial visual assessments suggesting few defects, the detailed report revealed numerous flaws, including those hidden beneath surfaces. Utilizing advanced equipment like thermal cameras, they ensured a non-invasive examination, saving homeowners from unnecessary drilling. Nitin and Nilesh’s approachability and willingness to address queries even after the inspection exemplify their customer-friendly nature. Their service is highly recommended for all homeowners, either prior to or immediately after possession, as it can prevent future hassles and aligns with RERA regulations. Considering the modest investment required compared to the substantial cost of property acquisition, it’s a prudent choice for any homeowner.

Akshay Desai, Arkade Earth

This was my first home and I have no idea how to do an inspection of a new home. Being well aware of how builders do poor quality job now days, I went with the professionals – Propcheckup. They were super responsive and supportive to do the most detailed and diligent inspection. They don’t miss a single inch of anything and everything. The use of tech is super beneficial to check leaks and cracks. The report was awesomely organised with categories and severity. Lastly the support they provide is unmatched to any service I have seen recently. Thanks team Propchekup, it helped me a lot.

Abhilash Sahoo, Silver Park

Very happy with the services received by propcheckup team. Very professional and skill full team. Produced a 100+ pages of property report with photographs and lots of attention to the details which is difficult for individuals not having the relevant knowledge and skill. 100% recommended.

Shiv Shukla, High Mont

Thanks A Lot prop Checkup Team for detailed flat inspection. Its not an expense but an investment which equip us for any future issues with developer. Report covers each & every aspect of flat. Have already reffered to some of my Contacts.Good , Quality & Timely Service.

Rishabh Jain, Kalptaru Sunrise

Yes thanks, nilesh your team visited today, they are the most decent and well mannered peaople and very professional, I really liked their approach thanks for sending such a nice team

Abhijeet Batte, Resident, Vera Atmoshphere, Mulund

Kuddos and appreciated an effort by Propcheck Team. Being an architect by Profession, aware about the variation form Developer end in terms of giving committed apartment in terms of Area (Agreement area vs Carpet area) and other Quality fittings of all fixutre. Thus we opted for Prop Check for our inspection Home. They are very customer oriented, friendly and Knowledgeable . We asked them many questions and they were able to answer all of them with Patience and professionalism. The report they had provided was a top notch , comprehensive with lots of snag picture. They give proper orientation about how to read the report .I would definitely recommend every flat buyer to opt for this service to identify a status of your apartment before taking possession, the one thing i found out in India people are buying Croers of apratment but while taking posession no one is checking the quality of homes , this kind of service not cost you more in comparision to your apartment cost . So must go on and get your apartment checked with Propcheck.

Amol Naik, Palacia Kingstone

This service is very essential and I personally believe everyone should do this inspection. These guys are very professional and check every nook and corner of the house in a very systematic manner. Places which we never think of checking are also covered by them. Highly recommended.

Rahul Raghavan, Wadhwa Atmosphere
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