What do we do when we first select a house that we are going to live in? we make sure that we call up our relatives, friends and ask them to come and visit. We do this to see what is their opinion about the construction and most probably about the entire house right?

Well, what if we say that we have something called Rental property inspection services which is going to help you better than your uncle? First, let’s get to know how these services work.

What is Rental Property House Inspection All About?

The services that rental property inspection provides is a preview condition of your building and helps you assess even the minor faults which are otherwise not possible to figure out by yourself. They would give you a clear-cut expectation that you need to be prepared to come to this house as a tenant, or if you are the owner, it allows you to fix the repairs before the tenant takes over the house.

What Services Do They Provide?

The Services that they provide include :

  1. They check if there is any damage to walls, floors, and also windows. They also make sure to check if there is any excessive wear in the house.
  2. They Make sure to confirm whether the property is maintained adhered to the lease terms
  3. Checking if there is a proper water supply, Seepage, leakage cracks in all parts of the house
  4. They make sure that there is no minor defect that goes unnoticed.

What could be the rental Property checklist for Home-Owners/ Tenants?

For the home-Owners, there are different scenarios that you could do the inspection.It could be a Move-In inspection which could be done by your tenants also. The main task in this inspection is property checking whether there are any damages to walls, floors, etc before the tenants move in.

Move-out Inspection—this is done majorly to make sure that your property has not been damaged and is in the same condition as before. This could be a great use for the home-owners so that later on in future there would be no dispute between you and your tenant

Drive-by inspection- The best part about this inspection is that you can have a check on your property as well as check if any conditions have been mishandled by the tenants. Of course, this should be done without invading the tenant’s privacy.

Many other inspections need to be considered but we feel these are the three major types that cannot be missed out by the Home-owners

How Do You Choose A Rental Property Inspector?

Do examine and analyse everything and then take a conscious decision before choosing a rental property inspector. Instead of choosing someone who has a piece of deep knowledge of one field, it is wiser to choose someone who has wider knowledge and a broad perspective about home structure and systems.

Make sure they are experienced in the building industry and also if they have a membership in this inspection field. Most importantly ask them what kind of report you could expect from them.

Do You Want Us to Choose Your Rental Property Inspector?

If the answer is yes then we would choose PropCheckup, Well let us tell you why and brief you about some of their services.

Propcheckup is a company, located in Mumbai, and they are recognized as the first home inspection startup by the Government of India. They believe that due to advanced technology, and a disciplined approach, is why customers trust them.

They have home inspectors who are certified and know how things work in this field. Being a pioneer in the home inspection field in India, this company has expertise established.

Some of the parts of the Services include Leakage inspection, carpet area verification, electrical inspection, walls, windows, doors, knobs, attic, bathrooms inspections. A rental property inspection, and much more


We hope that this article has given you an idea of what rental property inspection is all about and we hope our PropCheckup inspection service suggestion would be helpful. Do check out our website for more on what we offer and what our customers say about us. Get a free home inspection report as a sample from our website. Contact us via phone, WhatsApp, email.

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