The home inspection cost is very minimal as compared with property cost. The home inspection cost is less than 0.0001% of the total property cost. Most of the real estate experts in the world recommended availing home inspection services during the home buying process. During a home buying process, a home inspection is among the least expensive service, yet saves lots of the foremost amount of money. The home inspection will provide a far better idea of what condition of the property is in and what problems could be lurking.

Cost Elements To Home Inspection 

A home inspection cost in India depends on elements like the size in sq. ft. or configuration of the apartment in BHK likes 1 BHK, 2 BHK, etc. Another element is which type of home inspection services are required.  The cost of the comprehensive home inspection is more compared to the rental home inspection. Leakage home inspection will cost less compared to rental home inspection.

Home Inspection Cost

Home inspection costs can vary as per home inspection type. The comprehensive home inspection will cost ₹10000/- for 1 BHK apartment, ₹12000/- for 2 BHK apartment, and as on. ₹8000/- is the cost for a rental home inspection for Move In – Move Out service and ₹10000/- is the cost for 2 BHK apartment for the same service, and as on. Leakage/seepage home inspection starting cost is ₹5000/-.

As compare to the home inspection cost, the home buyer will get lots of benefits by availing the home inspection service during the home buying or renting process.