Pre defects home inspection is an inspection done before possession of a property or immediately after taking the possession of your property before doing any interior work. Article on Realtynxt “MAHARERA denies to admit any post possession complaint ” about incomplete work. To insure the defect free and properly finish apartment flat owner must avail the pre defects home inspection. Pre defects home inspection also going to help home buyers during the Defect liability clause (RERA 14.3 Clause) period. To minimize potential headache during defects liability clause period, here is simple guide

Why Pre Defects Home Inspection?


MAHARERA Chairman Mr. Gautam Chatterjee said in his one of the order that “Since the complainants have already taken possession of their respective apartments, the complaint pertaining to incomplete works in their apartment cannot be entertained.”  Here developers said that “we have completed the work regarding the apartments that have been given to the homebuyers.”  In this project, not a single home buyer has taken home inspection service during their home possession process. If home buyers would have availed for home inspection, they have the comprehensive home inspection report backed with every defect’s photo available in their property before the possession. Home inspection report can benefit home buyers if they want to claim warranty under RERA defects liability clause (RERA 14.3 clause) for their home. The home inspection report can show all the pre defects in home or flat because of incomplete and improper finishing by the developers.

RERA Defect Liability Clause

In simple word, defect liability clause is warranty against defects arises in flat or house has to be rectify by the developer or promoter with no further cost for 5 years after possession. RERA Defect liability clause is come to enforce when home buyer received the defect free possession of home or apartment. To ease the process, the buyer can submit the home inspection report to the developer for notifying the defects under defect liability clause.