Holi is just 2 days away as I’m writing this blog. Colours and Gulal packets are open, Sweets are ready. Pichkari (water gun toys) are with kids and their Holi has started already. And, preparations are in full swing.

But after Holi, as the sun sets, you see your Home drenched with colours on outside walls, inside walls tiles. Almost everywhere. And that’s the most painful part. Cleaning and removing colors and making it as good as new. And if it’s your first Holi in your new home, you need to be extra careful of colours. Check out a few tips for keeping your walls and home safe this Holi

Don’t Wait too Long:

If you see your Walls dirty, don’t wait too long. Use a damp clean cloth. Gently brush over the stains on the wall. A few scrubs is all it should take to make it clean.

Using Baking Soda: 

Some stains are really hard to remove. In those situations, baking soda might do the trick for you. Sprinkling some baking soda on a piece of sponge and scrubbing it on the stains should remove them easily. Rub, Clean, Repeat.

Wipe Clean: 

For more rigid stains use the following mix of ingredients. A small cup of white vinegar, a quarter cup of club soda and lukewarm water. Simply dip a clean piece of cloth or cleaning sponge and rub it over the stains. Gently clean with a dry cloth after it’s done. 

You can also use a liquid bleach for your Tiles. Use the bleach as per directions. Let the bleach sit for a while before you start cleaning so it’s rather more effective. 


Taking Precautions:

At times, its better-taking precautions. If you’re doing a makeover for your new home, choose an easily cleanable paint. Play Holi away from your House. And stay away from indoor walls after playing. As simple as that. Ready more interesting articles of Home Safety and Home Buying Tips from Propcheckup – India’s First Home Inspection Startup.

Have a fun and safe Holi!