A home inspection business is a no brainer, it’s like any other business and starting one with the right mindset is very important. Every inspector needs to pay the cost for startup tools and training, insurance and more. It is easy to become a home inspector in a few steps but when you’re starting a whole business out of it then it’s a very intense process. Fortunately, there is a high demand for home inspectors as there is a strong residential real estate market. After a huge break during the pandemic people are again starting house hunting. Research says that there will be a 7% increase in home sales and also a 9% increase in new construction sales. With an 80% increase in home sales and home inspection, this would be the right time to start a home inspection business and we are going to help you to know how to start a home inspection business.You can be one among the 40% of inspectors who create a successful home inspection business by these tips to build a strong business foundation and find the right tools to help you level up .

1. Prepare a home inspection plan:

To make your new business as successful as possible, you need a solid, very well planned plan for executing, accounting for cost according to the market & timeline. Don’t hesitate to make the plan; that’s where we come in.

To start your own business, you need the facts. There are a lot of agencies that provide training on how to plan your business and also most importantly to maximize profit and client base. Learn from home inspection business template examples giving you every tool you need to own the market.

2. Hiring a Well trained and Certified Home Inspector:

Since your whole business depends on the home inspectors service, it’s very important that you hire a well trained and certified home inspector.

3. Home Inspector liability/E&O inspector:

Errors and omission home inspector insurance is to protect the home inspectors if in case their client files a lawsuit or claim based on financial damages caused by omissions or mistakes in the inspection. Errors and omissions will cover attorney fees, settlements, and any third-parties financial losses.

Home Inspectors often experience claims with respect to property damage and personal injury to their clients or a third party. General Liability insurance for home inspectors will help and protect them from these types of claims. Moreover, many home inspectors are mandatorily required to have proof to enter a property. However, if you have an office, general liability insurance covers that location which comes under third party “slip and fall ” public liability.

4. Home inspector tool kits:

Initially make sure you have all the basic tools with you like Tool Kit Includes:

  • Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable
  • Pinless Moisture Test Meter
  • Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer
  • GFCI Outlet Receptacle Tester
  • AC Voltage Detector
  • 2-1/4″ Round Telescoping Utility Mirror
  • Big Mouth 29 Pocket Tool Bag With LED Light

After this make sure you are on-trend with all your competitors in owning the best tool kits that are needed for a home inspection.

5. Get a Home Inspection Business Logos, Branding & More:

While starting a home inspection business it’s important to establish your brand which is going to create a unique outlook for you from your competitors. This is very essential when you start your business.

6. Get a Home inspection software:

The right home inspection software will make your business a profitable one. Check with the features, pricing before you purchase that software. because it is going to help you Write reports, schedule inspections and more from your computer, phone or tablet! Made by home inspectors for home inspectors.

7. Have a good home inspection Business Name and marketing team:

Any business has a business card. So invest in a good agency where they provide all the marketing needs in one place. Keeping your business name on every homeowner’s tip of their fingers is all that is needed. Because your business card is the first impression of your business.

If you are done with these steps and also register for taxes and become a legal business owner and then it’s all about counting the profit. We hope this was a kick start article in your home inspection business. We end this article by giving you a quick suggestion on choosing Us the ‘ PropCheckup ‘ for your resale property house inspection. We have inspected more than 100+ checkpoints and 350+ real estate projects.