The home inspection process is a complete guide from booking the Home inspectors to finding the defect and later on drafting it into the report form for the Homebuyer.

Home Inspection is nothing but a thorough inspection of your house from checking your Doors, floor, ceiling, electrical parts, and the attached appliances. these all things are checked with the help of instruments such as Slope meter, Thermal camera, Electrical testers, etc, with the help of these instrument the inspectors try to get the defect in a detailed manner.


Booking Home Inspectors

Home Inspection process starts with the searching of Home inspectors from various companies such as Nemadi, Propcheckup, Home Inspectors, Macj and Property management companies if they serve Home inspection. One may book them depending upon their location to serve, quality of work, budget friendly, experience(Skilled inspectors), service-after service(Inspection). by selecting from the above mentioned options they need to call the company and book the Inspection depending upon the availability of both the parties and can fix the date and time for the same. Home inspection can be taken before possession or immediate after the possession.

Home Inspection day

The next step for Home inspection process is that the Home inspectors will arrive on the decided date and time for the inspection. Its better for the owner to be around as he may ask questions/doubts to the inspector during Home inspection, if the owner is not there than also it is fine as the inspectors will do their job.The Home Inspectors will do a 360 degree inspection of the house starting from the Doors, Floors, Windows, Ceiling, Walls, Seepage/Leakage, Electrical parts, Plumbing joints, Carpet area and also the installed appliances. to carry out smooth and effective inspection the inspectors use certain tools like, Digital Slope meter, flash light, Electric tester, Moisture meter, Clam meter, water quality tester, Thermal camera, wall scanner, water pressure meter. To do all this it will take approximately 3-4 hours depending on the area of the house. Once the inspection is done the Inspector will answer your all the queries and leave the house. This much detailing is carried during Home inspection process. you can follow the link for the youtube video while inspection:

After Home Inspection

Post inspection the next step for Home inspection process is to provide their findings of defects in the form of report in which the Photos of defects and the description to it would be mentioned. The inspection would be in a very detailed manner from the smaller to smaller missing screw to the risky defect in electric panel. This report you can submit it to the developer and show him the defects and tell him to rectify without any additional cost.

The Home Inspection process explained in an image form:This was the Home Inspection process and how it is carried on. One more thing to add into this is the RERA 5 Yr defect free warranty clause 14(3), which states that if any defect found in the house in the initial 5 yr period it should be repaired without any additional cost. So if you have the Home inspection report with you it would be a handy for your future reference.To know in detail kindly visit: