To know what is checked in Home Inspection, let us know a couple of things regarding Home Inspection. Home inspection concept in the Indian market is at a very early stage where if you look for some countries in abroad such as US, UAE, UK it has already established and people are aware regarding this, approx from 100 homebuyers, 80 people prefer doing Home Inspection from Experts.

To define Home Inspection in a nutshell, it is a quality check of your property with 360 Degree thorough detailing of the defects which would be noted in the report along with the photos, which will be later provided to the customer so that they can submit it to the developer and get all defects rectified without any additional cost.  Before coming to what let’s see as to why should one prefer doing Home Inspection.

If you look at the construction quality in India, it is not at all par with overseas construction quality, there are multiple reasons such as quality products, skilled labour, technology and so on. so if they have the better construction quality and than also they prefer Home Inspection very much, then why should we not do it. It will build the trust factor and also bring relief to the Homebuyer once he does Home Inspection by Experts, as in they will have a third party report to submit it to the developer, which they can keep it for 5 years as RERA 14.3 clause is for 5 years.

Let’s talk in detail as to what is checked during Home Inspection. When the experts perform the home inspection they do check the following things (ref image):

Whenever you book a Home Inspection, the experts do arrive at your place at the given date and time and perform the Home Inspection in a detailed manner, to tell you for example- Even a  single screw missing to the hidden leakage is noted in the report. From all minor to major defects are covered and mentioned in the report along with the photos, which are then submitted to the customer and later customer can inform it to the developer for rectification of all defects without any additional cost.

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