Leakage/Seepage/Moisture Problem

Seepage/leakage is one of the most common problems observed by us during a home inspection in new or old apartments/houses. Leakage/seepage can cause a wide range of the issues in your apartments/houses like the growth of mold, dampness on the wall, efflorescence, and peeling of paints, etc. Leakage/seepage/moisture in the apartment/house will cause health issues to your love ones. It will also cause skin rashes, asthma, respiratory disease, etc to your family members. There is maybe a chance of home inspector can overlook leakage/seepage/moisture with the naked eye. To avoid any overlook by home inspector, our team uses a thermal camera that can quickly identify the leakage/seepage/moisture spot/location in your apartment. With thermal camera and in-depth knowledge, leakage/seepage/moisture can’t escape from detection in your apartment/house before taking possession

Plumbing Leak/Clogged Issue

Most of the new/old apartment/house inspected by us has issued of pipe leaked/clogged. Any hidden leak or clogged in pipe/fixture is not visible with naked eyes. Undetected leaks in concealed pipeline/fixture can quickly damage the door and door frame, can cause seepage on the nearby wall, mould and mildew growth, damage to the concrete slab, etc. Propcheckup home inspection team will do a thorough inspection of the plumbing system in your apartment/house with thermal camera. The home inspector can easily detect any leak in concealed pipeline/fixture before which can cause extensive damage in your apartment/house after you take the possession

Overload and Hot/Loose Electrical Connection

Hot/loose and overload wire/circuit can cause overheating and short circuit in the electric system of new/old apartment/house. At the time of home inspection if electrical issues left unchecked that can cause overheating and melt connections in your electric system that can cause the fire in your apartment/house. A home inspector who is equipped with a thermal camera can detect the loose connection and overheating circuit of the electric system, which can save any old/new apartment/house from electric fire. By doing pre-possession inspection of your apartment/flat through a home inspector can save your apartment/house from electric fire after possession.

Additionally, we also detected the following issues using the thermal camera at the time of the home inspection of the apartment/house.

  • Terrace/Roof Leakage/Dampness
  • Energy Loss And Efficiency
  • Heat Loss And Air Percolation In Windows, Doors, Etc.