28% of city dwellers live in rental homes. Finding or renting a home that meets your terms is very hard. And if you are trying to find virtually, then it will chance you may get defective property.

When somebody is rent a car, you check any pre-existing damages and dents on the car. If you find you make a note of that. Adopt a similar process in your real estate renting transactions.

The owner and tenant did not sign an agreement or contract until a physical inspection is done. For physical inspection, you can appoint a third party inspection company like PropCheckup to perform a Rental home inspection. During the inspection, inspectors will carefully check plumbing and fixtures, furniture and fittings, electrical system, etc. Inspectors also inspect the exterior and interior conditions of the property. As per the owner’s inventory lists, inspectors will check and make the note of all available applications in the apartment or house. Inspector will do proper inventory checklists for all rooms. In the inventory list, also note down the working conditions of respective applications and systems. On rental home inspection reports finding, the tenant can ask the owner for any urgent repair/replacement required to move in. Once all things corrected by the owner, now tenant can move in. Now it’s a tenant responsibility to maintain an apartment or house as an original move-in condition. Except of nominal wear and tear. If the tenant intentionally or non-intentionally damages the property or applications, he must notify the owner immediately. And if failed to do so, the owner can know the damage when the periodic inspection perform by the home inspector. In this case, the owner can deduct the repair cost from the security deposit.

A Rental home inspection helps the owner to check whether the tenant is following the rules or not. Even if the tenant fails to inform the maintenance issue to the owner, but because of the periodic inspection owner can know the needs of urgent maintenance and repairs work. Periodic rental home inspections make the owner check for any issues and get them fixed at the right time. It is essential to managing your property effectively to maintain its value. A rental home inspection will help tenants avoid deposit disputes because already pre-move in defects are noted in the report. The periodic inspection provides peace of mind to the tenant during tenancy tenure.

A rental home inspection helps in avoiding any dispute, confusion, etc erupt later or at the time of move out between owner and tenant.