Dampness and seepage are begun with extra moisture. Moisture in the property can be caused by rising damp in basements, leaking pipes, or rain seeping due to damage to the roof or around window frames. Any property issue that allows water into the property can lead to dampness and seepage problems.

Penetrating Dampness and Seepage:

Penetrating dampness and seepage are triggered by water inflowing in a property through ceiling, floors,  and walls. It could be the result of faulty installation of appliances (like Washing Machine), resulting in plumbing issues. Major reasons for penetrating dampness and seepage are leaking Walls, burst Gutters and Pipes, Air Gaps, poor cavity insulation, Leaky Brick, etc.

Penetrating dampness and seepage can end up being an expensive problem to fix. Hence, prevention is the best method. As homeowner, Keep an eye out for any water leakage and make sure window frames are property closing. Nowadays, many homeowners are also going for a periodic home inspection by professions who help homeowners find out hidden leakages and seepage issues that can stop at initial level.

Condensation Dampness and Seepage:

Condensation dampness and seepage area caused by extra moisture in the atmosphere that reacts with a cold surface such as a wall. Condensation Dampness and Seepage symptoms include streaming windows and walls, deterioration in decoration such as discoloring of windowpanes, and, ultimately the growth of black mold.

Rising Dampness and Seepage:

Rising dampness and seepages only happen at ground levels as the moistness move in the upward direction from the ground. Some of the critical symptoms of the rising dampness and seepage encompass tide marks on walls, crumbling plaster, decaying skirting boards, etc. We often make wrong therapy which can be expensive but of course unsuccessful. As Rising dampness and seepage is easy to cure, PropCheckup (India’s first home Inspection startup) advice property owners to get expert advice to treat rising moisture and seepage issue from the root.

PropCheckup (India’s First Home Inspection Startup) advises doing seepage and dampness root cause inspection before spending on costly damp proofing or waterproofing treatment.