– For Home Buyers there is a good news. Yes indeed, Home Inspection can help you negotiate a better price. The concept of Home Inspection is fairly new in India and not many people know about it. Many people also confuse it with structural inspection which is a lot different than Home Inspection. If not negotiate you will still be able to identify issues with the property and repair it from the seller at no additional costs. Since a lot of people don’t know about home inspection we’ve compiled in this FAQ cum Blog most asked questions which will help you understand the service in detail.

So, What is Home Inspection? Can I not do it myself

Home Inspection is Does both the seller and buyer need to agree to get home inspection done?

Yes, you will need to inform the property seller or builder that you wish to do home inspection of the property that you wish to purchase. In certain cases permission & access to the rooftop and neighouring house would also be required to be able to understand the issues with property.

Is Home Inspection expensive?

– No! From our perspective its fairly in-expensive. As a buyer who is investing his life-longs earnings which goes from lakhs and crores in buying a home for your stay or investment reasons, the price is just a fraction of what you’re investing. Plus, it saves you a lot in repair costs if you find issues with the property or still helps you re-negotiate the purchase price.

From our earlier home inspections we were able to find out more than 100+ issues in each property and our clients saved a lot in repair costs and negotiations. You can fill up this form [hyperlink] with the necessary details and we’ll revert you with a pricing and other details.

Is the Inspection data documented somewhere?

– Yes! You will receive a detailed report will all the areas which have been covered in the inspection. You can also ask for a sample home insepction .

What is the procedure for Home Inspection service .What all is covered in Home Inspection?

How is Propcheckup different from other service providers?

Propcheckup is India’s First Home Inspection startup. It was started with the brand name Meazurementâ„¢ and the team and founders carry and experience of years and insepctions with a solid backgound .We use advanced machinery and proprierty analysis software to generate accurate reports which offer great in-depth information about the property health that you wish to purchase.

Where is the service avaialble at present?

– Our services a currently limited to Mumbai & Pune but in case of bulk enquires for inspection in other states you can still contact us for home inspection.

What other services are offered by Propcheckup?

– Apart from Home Insepction Propcheckup also provides Carpet Area Measurement, Leakage Rootcause Inspection,

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