Are you looking for Home Inspection?  Home inspection being new concept in Indian market is still unaware to the people, In India where there are multiple construction quality issues due to raw material & unskilled labor due to which the reasons and benefits of doing Home Inspection arises. Home inspection is basically performed during the Pre possession stage or immediate after the possession.

As previously mentioned due to the construction quality there might be multiple problems you will face over a period of time, such as Plumbing, Electrical, Leakage/Seepage, uneven flooring, unfinished paint, and many more, which may cost you extra from your pockets and make you restless. To avoid such situation Home Inspection needs to be done, and their report will be valid for 5 years.

What are the benefits of Home Inspection?

  • Let’s you know the quality of the flat by providing report with detailed analysis.
  • Unbiased analysis is mentioned in the report.
  • Home Inspection service is not at all expensive.
  • Saves your cost if any rectification is needed.
  • Price negotiations can be done depending on the quality of the flat.
  • Stress-free possession of your new flat.
  • Home inspection report is valid for 5 Years.

So, Home Inspection should be made an essential service for those who are buying the property, so that every buyer can take the benefit of Home Inspection.