Case –

This is a classic case study of leakage and seepage/moisture intrusion in multiple locations of flat. The flat owner in one of the reputed and premium complex in Kalyan is facing continuous leakage issues in the ceiling of his apartment/house. The flat owner appoints a local plumber to fix the issue.  A local plumber tried multiple time but failed to detect and stop the leakage due to the absence of expertise in hidden leakage detection and advance technology like the thermal camera. The customer wasted his time and money, but there was no result.

Continuous leakage is also impacting the life of the structure. After reading somewhere that leakage/seepage intrusion causes health issues to persons living in the apartment/house. The customer starts to search for a company/organization that can provide a permanent solution for leakage/seepage issues. During this hunting, our old customers referred PropCheckup to him.


The client appoints PropCheckup for a seepage/leakage inspection of his apartment/house.  The PropCheckup team equipped with the thermal camera and other required tools had visited the apartment/house to do root cause analysis of seepage/leakage.

PropCheckup team had noted the following observation at the time of Inspection

  • Multiple leakage/seepage spots on the ceiling of the kitchen.
  • Continuous dripping from leakage spot.
  • On further thermal Inspection, found leakage/seepage on the common bedroom and bathroom ceiling

Analysis –

To check the root cause of leakage/seepage issue, Propcheckup team inspected the above flat, particularly bathroom and w.c. area. We observed seepage near the master and common bedroom door frames during the Inspection. Seepage near the door frame confirmed water presence below the flooring. On further Inspection of the W.C. area, we found continuous water flow from w.c. and P-Trap (murga) joint. Additionally, we have noticed damaged stop cock in W.C. area. On further Inspection, found a concealed pipeline which is connected with damaged stop cock is `sealed with G.I. plug below the flooring. After all the observation, we concluded that a damaged in the concealed pipeline below the flooring of the W.C. area are causing the leakage/seepage issue.

Solution – 

To stop this leakage/seepage following suggestion was suggested to the client:-

  • Repair/replace damaged pipeline which was concealed below the flooring of W.C room
  • Do waterproofing in W.C. room with proper waterproofing treatment
  • Fill all open and damaged joints between tiles with epoxy-based grout. It’s necessary to clean all tile joints before doing any waterproofing treatment.