As India’s First Home Inspection start-up, we have seen severe problems, which are unnoticed by homebuyers during self-checking. Following are some series issue we have found during our home Inspection

  • Hidden seepage/Leakage:

With our expertise and thermal technology, we have found hidden seepage/leakage issues, which may put homebuyers in trouble if not fixed at the initial stage. Many times, the seller tries to hide the seepage/leakage issue, which is not visible with naked eyes. In the absence of professional home inspection, Homebuyers end of with buying serious leakage issue with property investment.

  • Carpet Area Shortage:

Homebuyers are always confused between carpet area, built-up area and now RERA carpet. Many times, we found around 10% to 20% difference between the actual onsite carpet area and carpet area mentioned in the agreement. This 10% to 20% sqft area shortage may cost consumer in lakhs.

  • Missing Earthing:

We have noticed missing earthing in all type of property, be the luxury apartment with more than 15 crore property value or affordable house with 40 lakhs budget. Due to non-availability of the tools and expertise, Homebuyers could not check the electrical issue, which may result in the fire incident in a house. Recently, we might have noticed multiple fire incident. Have you ever think what the major cause of fire incident is. Improper wiring which results in short-circuit in property is a major cause of fire incidents.

  • Use of Damaged/Cut Pieces In Tile Work:

In many premium properties, homebuyers spend lakhs of rupees on flooring tile / Italian marbles but what they get is pieces of Italian marble. Sometimes, developers used chemicals, which make difficult for homebuyers to find cut pieces. Our expert team used their expertise to find out such issues at the initial stage so that customer can get it rectified before property possession.

  • Improper Door and window alignment:

At the initial stage, its look like a small problem but homebuyers are not aware that it can create bigger issue like cracks in walls, the gap between the doorframe and structurally damages to the property. Our team use the advanced instrument to capture the alignment issue in the property.

  • Improper Water Slope in Bathroom:

The improper slope looks a small issue but it is a cause of bigger problems like seepage and rising dampness. We have noticed improper slope in the luxury apartment where the homeowner spent lakhs of rupees on the bathroom interior. It is complicated to fix this issue as it required a complete rework of the flooring tile, which may cost lakhs. We suggest our customer rectify the slope issue immediately to avoid future damages and costly repairs.

All this issue can be fixed without any additional cost when you are buying a new property from Developers.

Section 14. 3 of RERA Act Mentioned if homebuyers noticed any defect in the property and same has been convey to the developer/ builder within 5 years from the date of handing over possession. The developer/builder must rectify such defects within 30 days without further charge. We suggest homebuyers to do the home inspection during or before property possession to avoid improper maintenance excuse from the developer.

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