As there is N number of problems in construction quality there should be an Apartment Inspection checklist for the buyer’s safety.

Apartment inspection checklist
Checklist for Buyers

Ignoring the Apartment Inspection checklist would cause you lakhs of Rupees if the apartment is not in proper condition, so for the buyer’s help, we have come up with The apartment Inspection checklist, which is a new concept in the Indian market as it has started a couple of years ago, it is the best thing which has come to the rescue of the Home Buyer, as The buyer gets to know the actual condition of the house whether it is interior, exterior, electricity, seepage, doors, windows, etc,  he may ask the seller or the developer to get it repaired otherwise the deal might even cancel. So there should be a specific Apartment Inspection checklist for buyers.

So the Apartment inspection checklist positively benefits them as they can decide whether to purchase or cancel the booking based on the Apartment inspection report.

Apartment Inspection Checklist-The Indian Context

Related to Apartment inspection There are various companies in India for Home Inspection, depending upon their location and functionality an individual buyer can approach, then the Home inspector will visit the apartment and do a quality check (QC) of the house and based on that QC, they will provide the buyer a report in which all the issues and concerns would be noted down and highlighted for the benefit of the buyer. If an individual wants to do the self-inspection we have noted down the apartment inspection checklist or you may also be interested to know what is checked in Home Inspection by Propcheckup:

Below mentioned are the major points for which the buyer should focus during Apartment Inspection

1. Plumbing & Fixtures check:

In the Apartment Inspection Checklist for buyer first would be a thorough checking for Plumbing and fixtures must be carried as it is one of the important aspects of the home, the Inspector should check for Clogged/blocked outlet pipes, these Clogged or blocked pipes increase the internal pressure in the pipe which may cause a slight crack or even burst it. They must check proper leaks in the concealed pipeline fittings and fixtures, also make a check of Taps, water inlet and outlet valves, sinks, taps, bathroom flushers, etc.

2. Checklist for Electrical systems:

The apartment inspection checklist for buyers should prompt a buyer to properly check the Electrical functioning as it is important for healthy homes. One must check for the main switchboard, electrical earthling, fans, and switches, circuit breakers. Whatever installed must be in good working condition and nothing should be outdated. They must provide enough electric points in each room. RCCB/MCB functionality should be checked properly.

3. Checklist for Walls & Ceilings:

The Apartment Inspection Checklist for buyers should quickly focus on both, they must check properly the exterior and interior of the house and if any cracks detected in walls and ceilings, we should highlight them. Proper painting work must be done in the house if not then it must be bought to the notice of the developer. Even if a small crack is not repaired it may cause a major problem from now on.

4. Checklist for Doors:

The Apartment Inspection Checklist for buyers shows that Proper working of the Door is very important as it connects with the safety of the home. The buyer can check cracks, decay, doorknob loosening in the frame or door making any unwanted sound while opening or closing. This kind of issue can damage the doors during regular use. Main and bathroom flush doors should be made with waterproof adhesive. A proper check of damaged, missing and uneven fittings should be highlighted.

5. Checklist for Tiling work:

The Apartment Inspection Checklist for buyers also focuses on the inspection of the tiling work before moving in with a help of an apartment inspection checklist. It is necessary to check if any hollow tiles present in the flooring. If there then it can easily crack after regular use. One should check for any uneven fitting of tiles over 1-2 mm that may hurt someone. The buyer should check that they maintained the bathroom flooring slope towards the nahani trap.

6. Checking for Windows:

The Apartment Inspection Checklist for buyers should also check the window, if there are any gaps between the window’s frames or sliding that may cause energy loss. Check for a misaligned window or frame, the buyer should check for the non-functional lock. Check for any damage to the glass.

7. Checklist for Carpet Area:

The Apartment Inspection Checklist- The buyer can go through the House and check for room sizes in terms of breadth and length and can compare it with the sizes mentioned in the brochure or the agreement. A minor difference in the carpet area can cost you lakhs of rupees.

These all points one needs to inspect during Apartment Inspection and all findings need to be brought to the notice of the developer for rectification. And if you want to know anything regarding Home Inspection kindly click on the YouTube Link::

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