Whether you are in Mumbai or any part of the world, you may have a dream to purchase a beautiful and safe home for yourself.

 You not only have to invest significant money but you should also be able to spend your time and effort to choose and buy a property which is comfortable and scenic. To help in your purchase decision, you can consider Home Inspections (Property Health Check-up). This is a service which enables you to inspect a property in detail with the help of professionals with advanced tools and expertise that help you to uncover hidden issues like leakages, unsafe wiring, improper plumbing, improper tile work, damaged woodwork, that you need to be aware of. So that, you can get it fix before possession. As per MahaRERA, Developer has to rectify all the issues without any cost.

If you are apprehensive or don’t have any idea about home or property inspections, read here to know more about the deciding factors in buying your new home:

Identification of Minor to Major Faults:

Whether it’s a new or old building, every house will have defects which you may not detect at your first glance or it may be hidden to your naked eye. But during property/home inspections, an experienced inspector will check every inch of the house to detect all major and minor problems like water leakage, drainage issues, dampness, sagging roofs, improper maintenance and wiring, etc.

For a Complete Scrutiny of Your Home

Each part of the house. Every corner of the home is checked for faults. For instance, exterior parts like plumbing, roofs, gutters, windows, etc to interior parts like cornices, floors, tiling, showers, baths, toilets, etc. are checked properly by a professional home inspection team. Moreover, the verandas, decking, garages, patios, fencing are inspected for any improper installation

To Get Better Property Value and Saving Costs:

After consultation with our inspection team, you will get a detailed report listing every fault in your property/house. After looking at it, you can estimate the money required for repairing. Also, you can negotiate with the seller and request a price reduction or credit which covers the cost of the repair.

To ease your decision to buy your perfect home, you can get in touch with us for a home inspection service that suits your home/office space buying need. Be it on Lease or Rent we can help you choose the right plan suitable for your needs.

As it is rightly written  ‘a stitch in time saves nine” it is better that you act now than regret when the problem grows.

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