Home Inspection - What_, Why_, And After Home Inspection

What is Property Inspection?

A property inspection is a limited non-invasive examination of the real estate property. Home inspection also can be defined as “A professional service provided by the home inspector to determine the existing condition of the real estate property’s utmost system, based on a visual inspection of accessible features”. The property inspection is not based on any codes or development construction rules. During the inspection, the home inspection team will scrutinize the following areas –

  • Condition of doors and door frames
  • Electric system installation and functionality
  • Condition of tilling work which will include dado tiles, floor marble/granite frame, & kitchen platform
  • Plumbing system and fixtures installation
  • Conditions of windows
  • Condition of painting
  • Functionality of the cooling system
  • Condition of applicable installed applications

Why Property Inspection?

It’s very necessary to physically inspect the apartment or house before taking hand over from the developer or seller. The home inspection will help to discover hidden issues and expensive problems that are not always apparent when home buyers view with family members and real estate agents. It will help to identify defect or safety issues likes leaky plumbing lines and fixtures, improper wiring, installation issues, seepage, etc. which need to be repaired or replaced on an immediate basis. The home inspection will allow NRI to assess property condition from a remote location.

What after the property inspection?

After home inspection buyer or the purchaser will be received a comprehensive inspection report. The home inspection report provides the apartment or house owner 360-degree view of the apartment or house condition before taking key hand over or possession from the developer or seller. The property owner will share a home inspection report with the developer or seller and notified them to repair or replace defects or issues. If the seller is not ready for repair buyer can re-negotiate the asking price or ask the seller to contribute more to the repairing cost.

“Protect your property investment for minuscule home inspection fees, less than 0.0001% of the investment value”

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