What to expect from Home Inspection?

Since Home Inspection is not the service which is heard by everyone, regarding it you might be eager to know what to expect from Home Inspection?

As you are buying the property, you should be aware regarding the Home Inspection and what all they perform during the Home inspection as it is a very expensive investment, if not checked through experts might cost you lakh of Rupees for repair. The Inspection will give you thorough details of every nook & corner of your newly invested flat. below mentioned are the pointers what one can expect from Home Inspection?

What is a Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is a 360-degree view of your house, from the physical structure to the mechanical systems along with the Roof, Ceiling, floor, walls & doors. They will also check the functionality of the Installed appliances. The primary aim of the Home Inspection company is to bring all the defects to your notice, whether it is small or big which directly links to the decision of your purchase of a house. In short, this is what to expect from Home Inspection. to know more regarding Home Inspection you may follow the link: https://housing.com/news/home-inspection/

When to conduct Home Inspection?

If you really want to know what to expect from home inspection than you must conduct a Home inspection within a suggested time. Home Inspection is usually done when 2 types of purchases are done:

  1. Newly Built Property- In this case, one can appoint the Home Inspection company before the Possession or immediately after the Possession. As the RERA 14.3 clause clearly mentions that if any defect found within 5 yrs, it is the responsibility of the developer to repair it and give.
  2. Existing Property- In this case, one can appoint the Home Inspection company after the seller has accepted the offer but before buying the house, because if any major defect found there would be an option for the buyer to negotiate the price or cancel the deal.

What happens during Home Inspection?

To know what to expect from Home inspection The Home Inspection company appoints the Home Inspector on your behalf to inspect the house, as per the scheduled date & time the inspector visits the house and starts performing his job, usually, there are 3-4 people for inspection depending on the area of the house. The Inspectors will do a detailed inspection of the house starting from the floor, ceiling, doors, walls, and windows, they will also check the functionality of the installed appliances, while all this inspection is going on the inspector will simultaneously make a note of every defect and attach the images for your reference.

What is the cost of a Home Inspection?

Whenever you expect someone to give you a better service, you might need to pay the cost accordingly. So if you want a thorough inspection of your house, you need to pay accordingly. The cost of the Inspection varies from company to company and on the area(Sq.ft) of the House. They might charge you between 8000 Rs.- 14000 Rs depending on the area of the house. If you look at the cost, it is hardly 0.001% of your total property price. So never ignore the Home inspection.

What after Home Inspection?

Once the Home inspection is completed by the Home Inspectors, they will provide you a report within a specific duration. In the report, all defects would be mentioned in a detailed manner, ranging from major to normal, along with photographs. This report you can show it to the developer or seller whoever it is, and tell them to repair it with no additional cost. The developer, as well as the seller, will repair it as no one would expect a defective house. You can find the Propcheckup Home Inspection report for your reference from https://propcheckup.com/

All the above things are that what to expect from the Home Inspection.

Home Inspection will truly change the real estate sector in terms of construction quality, and this will be a positive step for many of the people dealing in Real Estate.

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