What Is A Third Party Home Inspection?

Just bought a new home and are excited to move in? But have you checked whether it is safe or not? A brand new house can be unsafe too. A home inspection is something you should get done after purchasing a house.

This might look insignificant to you right now but in the long run, a home inspection will save you thousands of dollars. A home inspection will search for all the flaws in your house. Let us show you what a third party home inspection exactly is.

A home needs a checkup of some things before moving in. Things like the quality of material used in the building process, functioning of everything, water closet checkup, seepage, leakages, etc. When you hire a team of professional home inspectors who will inspect the house, that team is called a third party.

Therefore, it is called a third party home inspection. A thorough detailed report is provided to the home buyer after the inspection is completed. If you (home buyer) are present at this time in the house then it would be beneficial for you as you can ask your doubts straight away there.

Do You Really Need A 3rd Party Home Inspection?

You might be wondering what defects a brand new house would possess? Be it a new property or an old one, home inspection saves your money from being spent in the future on such defects. It is a wise choice to consider a third party home inspection for your own good. It will show you defects that can’t be seen from the naked eye and also the hidden defects.

What Is In The Report of The Third Party Home Inspection?

After the completion of the third party home inspection, a report of the same will be given to you. The report contains the following things and some more details:

  • Findings after the inspection
  • The procedure of the home inspection
  • Things that need replacement
  • Stuff that needs to be repaired
  • Leakage
  • Seepage
  • Quality deformations if any
  • CracksThe quality of the Foundation Roof checking
  • Attic checking
  • Working of the HVAC systems
  • Things that need to be monitored
  • Any hidden defects
  • Water closet checkup
  • Water supply
  • Checking the presence of rust, mites, fungus, etc

These are some major issues that could be seen in the report. It would be better for you to be present at the time of inspection. The report is more detailed and analytical. You can ask any questions related to this report with the third party Inspectors and they will clear all your doubts. After getting the report, you can question your builder or home-seller about the defects and ask for the repair of the same. If not repaired then ask for a reduction in the price. You can also opt-out of the contract if the builder is not getting on terms with you.

What to Do If Your Builder is Not Allowing A Third Party Home Inspection?

In some cases, a builder opposes a third party home inspection. They might tell you to have the inspection done by their own inspection team and not some 3rd party. Now, if you choose their home inspection team, then there are chances that they will not give you a true report or an authentic one. Their findings, the inspection could be biased because they are after all paid by the builder.

If this is in your mind, and you want to opt for a third party home inspection, then ask them for that. It is legally your fundamental right as a home buyer. You can have the home inspection done by any company of your choice. And if they are opposing it, then it is something fishy, understand that. Because no authentic builder or home-seller would oppose a third party home inspection. It increases their credibility and builds trust.

Now, what should you do if your builder is not allowing a third party home inspection?

Ask them questions and answer their questions wisely. If they are saying that it’d damage the house, then tell them it won’t, and you as a home-owner would not let that happen. And if they say we’ve confidence in our building then tell them that in this case they shouldn’t be worried at all. Instead, should welcome home inspection gladly as it’d increase their credibility. If they are opposing it without any reason, then tell them it’s your fundamental right to have a third party home inspection.

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