Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Home Inspection

Shoddy work and inferior-quality raw materials may have caused the collapse of the BMC staff colony in Mazagaon that killed 61 people news headlines in To avoid this following are the Top Reasons Not To Skip A Home Inspection In India

Discover Undisclosed

Every property buyer needs to remember that without doing a comprehensive inspection it’s impossible to disclose the monster hiding underneath the aesthetic view of the apartment.  The professional home inspector will thoroughly inspect apartment nook and corner and provide functionality issues and potential problems. The home inspection will make the buyer aware of immediate repair and maintenance. A quality home inspection by a professional inspector will provide the undisclosed problems inside the house before possession.

Discover Safety Issues

New or old no home is perfect. But doing a pre-possession can help to minimize unwanted safety issues at the home. A home inspection can reveal safety issues like the underrated and damaged electrical systems. The improper electrical system can cause fire hazards. The unnoticed leaky pipe can lead to hazardous mold growth. Mold growth due to leaky pipes can damage the aesthetic view of the apartment. Further, it will affect the health of the person living in the apartment. A home inspection can help to detect unpleasantly safety concerns before the move in an apartment.

Discover Carpet Area Shortage and Illegal Alternation

Home inspection can reveal whether the apartment and all its rooms built as per approved drawing or any illegal alternation is made. It will help to discover all room sizes are built as shown in the brochure or not. The home inspection will help to discover if the seller is cheating the buyer by providing less RERA carpet area (eg.380sq.ft. instead of 400sq.ft.). If any deficiency in the home it should be notified by the buyer to developer or seller before the possession.


The home inspection will protect a buyer from if any substandard material or fitting used in the apartment. If any substandard material or fitting is used in the apartment then the home inspector will take note before the possession and notified the issues in the home inspection report. The home inspection will protect a buyer’s interest in RERA clause 14.3. Through home inspection report buyer can notify the developer before possession of apartment about defect likes plumbing leakage, seepage or dampness issues, improper wiring, etc. As per RERA clause 14.3, the developer must rectify such defects within 30 days.

Negotiating Tool

Home inspection is very useful for negotiating tools in re-sale apartment buying. The home inspection report will provide buyer suggestions about repaired requirements before possession. After receiving the home inspection report buyer will ask the seller to repair defects mention in the report. If the seller is not ready to repair, the buyer can negotiate purchase price against the repair compensation

Peace of Mind

Home inspection will provide the buyer with peace of mind during the home buying process. When someone buys a home, they’re also buying all of its problems too;-water leakages, moisture on a wall, unsafe wiring/electrical work and defect in plumbing, roof, floor surfaces and paint, windows, and doors, etc. All these problems can simply be avoided by getting a home inspection. By doing the home inspection of a new purchase apartment will make it that much apparent to call it home.

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