Tile Issues During Home Inspection

Hollow Tiles

hollow tilesEvery new or old apartment or house inspected by our inspector has noted the hollow tiles issues. Hollow tiles issues can arise due to tiles are detached from the bonding material, uniformly laid or inadequate material uses. e.g. Now some developers use adhesive to fix the dado tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. But if the right quantity of adhesive is not applied to fix the tiles, it may cause hollow or loose tiles. Hollow tiles can easily crack or damaged. Flooring tiles are used to foot traffic and if tiles are hollow may damage or crack due to continuous foot traffic. Particularly in wooden flooring, hollow tiles can cheapen the overall view and aspect of the wooden flooring. Dado tiles are vertically fitted tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, may fall in some cases if they are hollow. Italian marble flooring is very costly and installed in big sizes. The excess hollows in natural marbles decrease its bond strength, it may collect moisture and causes moisture issues in natural marble through veins. Due to a small hollow spot in your Italian marble can damage and affect the natural look of your costly flooring. Propcheckup home inspector will check all types of flooring e.g. vitrified, Natural, Wooden, Marble, etc. to find small to the small hollow portion. So you can notify this hollow tiles issues to the developer or seller and ask them for proper rectification before possession of your apartment or house.

Uneven Tiles

The Propcheckup team generally found uneven tile joints where mostly vitrified or ceramic tiles are used. Generally, when one tile edge is lower or higher than the adjoining tile is called lippage (uneven tile). 1 to 2 mm of lippage (uneven) can be tolerated but beyond that uneven edges in tiles can be hazardous.  The sharp uneven edges of tiles can hurt the fingers of the leg and beyond that person can fall. Uneven tile edges in bathroom flooring may stop water from properly draining due to up and down edges. That water may make flooring slippery and can be hazardous for walking. Uneven tile edges in dado or flooring work may obstruct regular proper cleaning. By appointing a professional home inspection team like Propcheckup you can have a detailed report about any uneven tilling work is done in your apartment or house.

Improper Slope in Bathroom


Water Slope IssuePropcheckup team has the digital spirit level to check the slope issue. Propcheckup team found at least more than one spot where flooring slope is not properly maintained towards nahni trap (Drain Pipe) in areas like bathrooms, balcony, etc. Improper or poorly constructed floor slope allows water to flow in the wrong directions. Due to improper slope, the floor area of bathrooms, balconies, etc. doesn’t drain water properly. This will allow water to flow towards corners and it may lead to leakage or seepage or dampness issues to adjacent walls or nearby areas. Undrained water on the floor due to improper slope makes the particular area slippery and this area became dangerous for walking especially for elderly peoples and children.  It is necessary before taking possession of your apartment or house, floor slope or gradient of bathrooms, balcony, other wet areas, etc. should be check through the professional home inspector. To avoids problems that cost you money or problems to your dear ones.

Improper Tile Joint Filling

Tile joint issue seepagePropcheckup home inspector has found improperly tile filling issues in every apartment or house inspected by them. When bathroom floor or dado tile joints are not filled or improperly filled can lead to the water seeping through these joints. This seeping water leads to a damp wall to the peeling of paint from another side of the wall. Further, it leads to fungus and mold formation that may be harmful to the health of your dear ones. Sometimes it can create leakage issues in the ceiling of the below flat if waterproofing work is not properly done. When living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. floor tiles joints are not properly filled or improperly filled than it can lead to black lines on flooring after regular maintenance. If you use water for regular cleaning of your flooring, it may lead to wall dampness if tiles joints are not properly filled. We advise every home buyer to do the home inspection before taking possession of your apartment or house to avoid costly repair costs due to small issues like improper tiles joints filling.

Other Issues

Additionally, we have also found the following issues in tile work- 

  • Observed the color shade variation and faded color tiles during the home inspection.

  • Also found scratches on expensive flooring like Italian marble.

  • In some apartments or houses, we also noted the damaged or small holes in tiles.

  • Further, we observed chipped tile issues in some apartments.

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