Top Electrical Problems Found During Home Inspection

Continues Tripping/Non Functional RCCB/MCB

Image Continues Tripping/Non Functional RCCB/MCBRCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)  functioning is an important safety measure for any new or old apartment/house against fire incident. RCCB automatically detects the faults that occur in the connected circuit and disconnects the circuit to stop further damage in the following circuit, which may cause a fire in the apartment/house. RCCB proper functioning also works as a sensing device and disconnect the circuit when the current load exceeds the capacity. Non-functional RCCB/MCB is one of the major causes of fire incidents in India. It’s difficult for new homeowners to check the functionality of RCCB due to the absence of technical skills and advance tools.  Therefore, new home homebuyers appoint the home inspector to inspect his apartment/house who does the complete property check, including functionality of RCCB using the latest tools and technology.

Underrated / Under-Capacity Switches And Sockets

We have noticed underrated/under capacity switches And sockets in all types of properties starting with 50 lakhs affordable house to 10 crores luxury apartment.  Generally, switches or sockets are rated on ampere e.g. 6 amp, 10 amp, etc. The electrical appliances required appropriate capacity switches/sockets to avoid shock circuit issues. E.g. In the kitchen, 16 amp socket is required for the microwave. If the underrated/under capacity socket is provided, it will repeatedly trip the circuit breaker and also overload the electric socket, which may cause a fire incident in the apartment/house. The home inspector does not only check the underrated sockets/switches but also provide a detailed report to get all issues solved before possession without any further cost. Proper switches and sockets can protect your costly applications from damages and unwanted fire in the apartment/house by notifying required changes to the Developer / seller.  

Underrated / Inadequate Wires

We have noticed another serious issue i.e. underrated/inadequate wires. Improper wires may put your family safety in damage. Wires/cables generally rated on gauge/thickness like 1.5, 4.00, etc. Each wire/cable has his capacity to carry the load. e.g. if you want to use geyser in your bathroom 4 wire should be provided in socket for proper working. If wire gauge/thickness is smaller than required. It will create intense heats in the wire, which may cause fire or other serious faults in the apartment/house.

Improper Earthing

Every electrical application, system, equipment,  etc. must be earthed. Improper earthing in an apartment/house has an impact on property safety. If high electricity passes through any device and earthing is not available, your costly device/electrical application will be damaged beyond repair. Without proper earthing protection in the apartment/house, homeowners are putting the property and the life of love ones at high risk.  

PropCheckup team is well equipped with the latest tools and technology which can detect the improper/unavailability of earthing in inspected apartment/house. The home inspection will help homebuyers to secure the lives of the person who goes to live in an apartment/house after taking the possession and also protect costly devices/appliances from the damages.

Loose Connection/Extra Wires In Switchboard

Loose connections/extra wires issues arise due to poor workmanship. If too many wires stuff inside the switchboard, then it can cause overheating, short circuits, and fire. If the wire is not properly connected with switch/socket or loose in the screw terminal, it will allow main and neutral wires to touch, and that may cause a short circuit or fire.

When we observed buzzing or crackling sound from switchboard or lights are flickering, this may cause due to loose or improper wire connection. This kind of issues can be avoided by doing a proper home inspection before taking possession from developer/seller

Additionally, the home inspector also checks and take note of problems in the following points at the time of home inspection in an apartment/house.

  • Functionality issues in switches/sockets working
  • Any damaged to switch/socket/switchboard
  • Also, inspect if any open-wire in apartment/house which can be hazardous
  • Additionally, check all electric points are working or not an apartment/house

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