Top Issues Found in doors during inspection

A door can withstand the elements for long years and still work firmly after regular use. But there are other things besides the weather that can damage a door beyond any repair or usefulness if it’s not inspected correctly before taking possession of your new flat.

Door Sticking

Door Sticking

We observed this kind of issues in most of the resale properties we inspected. This issue arises when the screws are not correctly tight along with the door frame or screw loosen after repetitive use of the door. Additionally, we found that inadequate screw length is also one of the reasons for sticking in the upper corner of the door frame jamb. At some places, improper screw head fitting with hinges leads to stick or rub while door movement.

Door Latch Problem

Door Latch Problems

At the time of door inspection, we observed the door Latch problem due to improper proper alignment or plumb. Many times, the latch isn’t aligned with the hole in the strike plate. In multiple cases, you can see the misalignment clearly.

Door Swings Issue

Door Swings Issues

This is rarely found swing issue the new property during the door inspection.  At the time of Inspection, when we observed the hinges are out of alignment or bend at the middle which leads to swings in the door. 

Plumb /Alignment Issue

Plumb or Alligment Issue

During Inspection, we found misaligned doors results in uneven gaps along the door edges. A misaligned door is sometimes a sign of foundation problems; this is particularly true if you have several misaligned doors and windows in the home.

Cracks between Door Frame and Wall

Cracks between Door Frame and Wall

At a time of Inspection, we have observed cracks between doorframe and walls. The crack is not only indicated structural problems, but it can be wide enough to let in water and pests, such as termites.

The priority of the new homeowners should be to keep loved ones and valuables secure. Still, they pay less attention to door issues until the significant issues arise that are costly to repair and may ruin your day. Many time, door issue indicates the bigger problems in a house, which can be avoided with the pre-possession home inspection by experts. 

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