The rental market is going to change with Model Tenancy Act, which has placed in the public domain for suggestions by Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. This law will act as the model act for states and union territories (UTs) to regulate the rental segment. As a Landlord or tenant, you are keen to know your responsibilities. Following are the key highlights of the responsibilities of the Landlord and Tenant.

Landlord Responsibilities – Major repairs:

  • Structural repairs except those necessitated by damage caused by the tenant
  • Whitewashing of walls and painting of doors and windows
  • Changing and plumbing pipes when necessary
  • Internal and external electrical wiring and related maintenance when necessary

Tenant Responsibilities – Periodic Repairs

  • Changing of tap washers and taps
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water closet repairs
  • Wash Basin repairs
  • Bathtub repairs
  • Geyser repairs
  • Circuit breaker repairs
  • Switches and socket repairs
  • Repairs and replacement of electrical equipment except major internal and external wiring
  • changes
  • Kitchen fixtures repairs
  • Replacement of knobs and locks of doors, cupboard, windows etc.
  • Replacement of fly-nets
  • Replacement of glass panels in windows, doors etc.
  • Maintenance of gardens and open spaces let out to or used by the tenant

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