Safeguarding Your Property Investment In Online Home Buying

After seeing online home buying ads you’ve visited a home in an under-construction housing project, you might be very well familiar about sample flats. What you see is a cleverly designed & beautified version of the apartment designed by expert professionals to awe to into its beauty promising visitors a luxurious lifestyle. Well, there’s no harm in that. Because all we really want is a better lifestyle and amenities. Though, what we also do miss in the picture is the quality of the construction.

Irregularities in construction can be the cause of multiple issues. If you do not find out these before taking the final possession you’re setting yourself against a long-term headache.

Those who are looking to invest or buy properties during this pandemic have no option rather than a virtual tour of the sample flat and viewing artistically photographed images. Though we do wish to caution you that all buyers that we’ve come across so far have shared their feedback saying “Quality of sample apartment is very good but the possession of the apartment which we received is not good as sample flat

We also have noted some amenities deficiencies in the apartment inspected by our Propcheckup team compared to the sample flat. A lot of home buyers are booking ready move apartments without physically inspecting actual conditions. NRIs who are considering investing in Indian real estate during volatile times, but unable to inspect due to COVID-19 lockdown all over the world are booking properties based on the brand names and virtual tours.

This scenario can create a dispute between the apartment purchaser and developer at the time of physical possession. No one knows the about quality, area, aesthetic looks, etc. because the physical inspection is not done before booking.

To avoid this problem we request every real estate property buyer should ask the developer to add the clause “Third-party home inspection will be allowed before possession” in their respective purchase agreement.

This clause will allow the buyer to physically inspect the apartment or house before accepting the possession. Third-party inspection service providers like Propcheckup can help you identify issues before possession with comprehensive home inspection report of the property with high-quality images of defects and list of defects which is invisible to your naked eye.

Home Inspection Service Booking Before Possession Date

Home Inspection Services can be booked through the website, android App and over a call

Onsite Home Inspection by Experts

Our Home Inspection Team consist of Civil Engineer, Plumbing Expert, Electrical Expert and support staff visit the property as per the customer convenience

Home Inspection Report Submission

Provides a comprehensive Home Inspection report which gives detail about issues with HD images

Free of Cost Repair by Developer

Under RERA, its mandatory for developers to rectify all defects within 30 days from noticed/report without any cost to the customers.

Re-Inspection to Ensure All Issues Resolved

On the request of customer, we conduct re-inspection to insure the issues are resolved and the property is free from any defect



In our past inspections, “we found an average of 100+ issues or defects in the newly built apartments”. So, it’s essential to inspect the apartment or house before taking possession of your apartment from the developer.

We advise every property owner or buyer not to take possession of your property till all the defects are repaired completely.

Be it COVID-19 pandemic or any other crisis anytime is a good time to purchase the apartment or house to live in. But don’t forget to add “Third-party home inspection clause in your purchase agreement”

Till then Stay Home Stay Safe

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