If you have bought a new house and you think it is all perfect, then let me tell you that hey, it is not. An all-new shining bright house can very much contain a lot of flaws. You might not be able to see it with naked eyes, but a home inspector can. A home inspector will do a residential property home inspection of the apartment or flat, basically your house.

First, let’s see…

Home Inspection, What is That?

A home inspection is practically analyzing the house and finding flaws or defects if any (usually there are, as no house is perfect). A home inspector or group of inspectors will perform the house inspection with different technologies. They examine everything and every corner of the house to make sure the home is inspected thoroughly.

If you are looking for a high-quality home inspection, then you should check PropCheckup’s residential home inspection services. They use thermal technology and find out defects from within. After the residential home inspection, they will provide you with a thorough residential home inspection report which will contain everything they have analyzed and examined in great detail.

What Is Residential Property Home Inspection?

Residential property is a property that is used for residential purposes. Just like other properties, this property will not be perfect either. So, this needs home inspection too. And now, the residential home inspection comes into the picture. Do not forget to check the residential home inspection services offered by PropCheckup.

What Is Included In A Residential Property Home Inspection

Now we have seen what is a residential property home inspection.So, here comes what is included in it.

A residential property will usually comprise a hall, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. So, all of the rooms are going to be analyzed.

1. HVAC Systems

The amount of heat and the cooling temperatures of a house are a major part of the ventilation system. The quality of the air conditioners, heaters, geysers is thoroughly checked during a residential home inspection. The amount of ventilation in each room is also considered.

2. Walls and Ceilings

You might see no flaws on the walls because they are all plastered and freshly painted. But, deep inside they might be of low quality and possess defects. During the residential home inspection, the walls are analyzed for any dampening or algae, fungi, termite growth. The ceilings are looked for any cracks or seepage.

3. Plumbing and Water Supply

What kind of water supply a house has, makes a lot of difference. The plumbing is also checked thoroughly for any leaks, rusting, algal growth, etc. The nuts, connections are checked too. The quality of the water and speed also matter.

4. Electricity

The electrical work in a house is the most crucial thing. If improper or poor, then it can lead to fatal disasters in the future. The wiring, the insulations, quality of wires, any openings, unfinished electrical works, electrical board, the flow of current, are all checked and verified.

5. Wirings

All the wirings in the house are looked at during a residential property inspection so as to avoid any future problems.

6. Floors , Foundations

The flooring of the house also matters a lot and is given equal importance during the residential property inspection. It is looked for any creaks, chipping of tiles, cracks, etc. Also, the strength of the flooring is checked.

7. Windows, Doors

Whether or not the doors and windows open easily, smoothly without making any noise, the quality of the lamination, the wood, or metal is verified. The hinges, latches, corners, door frames, window frames are also examined. If the doors and windows are of poor quality and unreliable, then it hinders the safety of the house and therefore it has its own significance.

There are various other issues that home inspectors look for during a residential property home inspection. PropCheckup has the best home inspectors and they are professionals who are certified and excellent at their jobs. The home inspection report provided by PropCheckup is one of a kind and includes every little detail in an understandable manner. If you’re looking for excellent residential property home inspection services then PropCheckup is the best place to go for. With reasonable prices and excellent services, PropCheckup will take care of everything.

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