Property Inspection

Property Inspection is an established concept in a few of the foreign countries like the US, Canada, etc. but in India, this concept is still in the early-stage where the Homebuyers are not aware of this service and not even the Real Estate sector is supportive to implement this service from their end.

In India, this service started during 2012 by Meazurement (Now “PropCheckup”). Currently, there are 4-7 companies operating in the Indian Home Inspection Company.

Basically, Property Inspection is a process from Homebuyer taking the possession – Booking the home Inspectors – Property Inspection Company providing the detailed report.

Let’s elaborate, whenever the Homebuyer takes possession of the property, the buyer has the option to take a Property Inspection service or not. If the owner does not take the service, he might face multiple problems in the future relating to his property. Problems like- Leakage/Seepage, improper Plumbing joints, Improper wiring, etc.

Service provided by Property Inspection Company – whenever you book a Property inspection company the Inspectors come to your place and do the complete 360-degree Inspection of your property. The Inspection team will check various parts such as Doors, Windows, Walls, Floors, Plumbing joints, Electrical points, Carpet area, etc.

After inspection, the team will prepare the Report on basis of findings, the report will be in a detailed form along with the photo of the defects. which will be very easy to understand. This report you can submit to the developer and get all defects rectified without any additional cost.

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