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The home inspection benefits 84% homebuyers who don’t know how to check the construction quality. The survey by reveals that 84% of homebuyers don’t know how to check the construction quality of their apartment or flat. The construction quality of residential property should be the topmost important factor while making buying decisions. But because of the lack of awareness about construction quality checks is the reason for the shocking number. A lot of home buyers avoid the pre-possession inspection, as a layman home buyer not familiar with the process. Most developers know this; they usually ignore the construction quality to cut some cost.

Why Home Inspection

To get over construction quality issues, the buyer requires an expert opinion. The home inspection is the expert service customer can avail to live in the defect-free property. The home inspection company will assess a home or apartment a buyer plan to buy, were under construction, newly built or previously owned. Home inspection companies like PropCheckup use advanced technology to detect issues that not visible to naked eyes. The home inspectors use infrared cameras, moisture meters, socket tester, voltage indicators, etc.  PropCheckup also has a professional team of a plumbing expert, an electrical expert, and a civil engineer to assess construction quality of home or apartment. The expertise team will check finishing work which includes flooring, painting, walls and ceiling, door finishing and polishing, etc. They also note down any defects in plumbing and fittings, electric system, seepage and leakage issues, etc.

Home Inspection Benefits

The home inspection will protect that 84% buyer from if any substandard material or fitting used in the apartment. If any substandard material or fitting used in the apartment, then the home inspector will take note before the possession and notified the issues in the home inspection report. The home inspection benefits a buyer’s interest in RERA clause 14.3. Through home inspection report buyer can notify the developer before and after possession of apartment about defect likes plumbing leakage, seepage or dampness issues, improper wiring, etc. As per RERA clause 14.3, the developer must rectify such defects within 30 days.

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