How Does Home Inspection Help Home Buyers
As home buyers, you might not be familiar to the problems you might be facing after moving-in to your new home. Water leakages, wall dampening, the shortfall in carpet area, plumbing and electrical system, improving wiring causing fire hazards and missing necessary certification are just a few problems, to begin with. That’s where Meazurement comes in for your rescue.
  • Identify Hidden and Unpredictable Problems: Home Inspector discovers hidden and expensive problems that are not always apparent when home buyer view the home with family members and a real estate agent
  • Provide Negotiation Leverage: Home Buyers enjoys a huge amount of leverage with an inspection report. A home buyer can ask the seller to fix the problems mentioned in the report, renegotiate the asking price or ask the seller to contribute more to the closing costs
  • Save Money: Home inspection ensures the property is in good condition, devoid of any structural and material shortcomings
  • Ensures Safety: Home Inspection identify the safety issues such as loose wiring, illegal installations and faulty fire system which need to repair or replace on an urgent basis
  • Provide Peace of Mind: An inspection report provides a 360-degree view of the property condition before the property possession or sale finalization
  • Save Time: Home inspection saves home buyer time during the home buying and allows NRIs to assess property condition from a remote location

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