Home Inspection In New Project

In this blog, we will show you the photos of the actual issues noted by our inspector during the home inspection in new project. The apartment is from one of the topmost developer’s newly built projects and ready for possession. Buying an apartment or flat, it’s like the fulfillment of life’s biggest dream come true. Before buying a property every prospective home buyer checks traveling connectivity, social infrastructure, the local infrastructure around the project, etc. After seeing a well-prepared brochure, the home buyer is ready to buy an apartment if all requirements are fulfilled with the respective project. Some home buyers buy a flat seeing a cleverly design and beautified version of the apartment called sample flat. But they don’t know the quality of the actual flat that they will get possession after completion of the under-construction project. Our customers said to us ” Quality of sample flat is very good but the possession of the flat which received by us is not good as sample flat”

We took these photos in a premium category project’s one of the ready to occupy an apartment. In the first image, you can see the unfinished polish work in the door frame.  This is one photo or issues out of 100+  issues noted by PropCheckup inspector for the same flat. The second image is a prominent example of poor workmanship by the carpenter. Doorstopper not properly fixed seen in image 2. Main door lock proper functioning is a key security requirement for any flat or apartment. Because of the defective lock installation, we can see the door lock not latched properly. The fourth image sees the damaged door frame installed in the premium category flat.

We inspect the property when the property ready to live as per the developer. But kind of damage or defects by the PropCheckup inspectors are over 150+. In the first image, we can see that damage to the cable socket. Because this customer cannot use the cable service when he moves in. In the second image, we can see that damage broadband or internet socket installed by the developer. Because this Owner will not able to use internet connectivity. In the third image, the place of the electric point is exactly opposite to the shower. This can cause an electric short circuit. It may live hazardous for persons living in an apartment. In the fourth image, we can see the open wire.

A defective plumbing line can cause seepage or leakage issues in an apartment or house. When someone buys a luxury apartment, they think about luxury fittings and fixtures. But at the time of the home inspection in the new project, we found a cheap fitting and defective installation. In the first image, we can see the cheap, flexible pipe used instead of the S.S. bottle trap. And pipe unprofessionally fixed in PVC pipe. In the second image, we found leakage issues and rusting on the S.S. fixture. In the third image, you can see low water pressure in the plumbing line. Low water pressure can increase electricity and time consumption of equipment like washing machines, water purifiers, etc. In the fourth images, we can see that the rusted wire connector used.

When someone taking possession of the newly built apartment, he wants leakage/seepage free. But in the image, you can see an apartment in a newly built project has seepage or leakage issue. We found around 70% new home has seepage leakage issues.

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