Home Inspection Checklist In India
The home inspection checklist in India a document Indian home buyer can use when he goes around for house checking issues. The home inspection is a very common process abroad, but new to the Indian real estate market.


Home Inspection Checklist – Important in India Context

A news article on siliconindia.com states that “84% of homebuyers don’t know about how to check the construction quality”. That means every year lacs of homebuyers in India take possession of their property without knowing actual issues or defects. But they more focusing on locations, rates, facilities, size, etc. before purchasing a home or flat. And usually, they forget about home inspection before or after possession.  A home inspection is only a chance that the buyer gets to visually examine and determine the home’s overall condition. The home buyer can appoint a professional home inspector to do a 360 degree home inspection. The home inspector knows where to focus on and he is professional to perform a home inspection he has advanced equipment like thermal camera, socket tester, etc. If home buyers want to DIY the home inspection, the documents called “Home inspection checklist in India” comes in handy.

Checklist for Walls and ceiling

The home inspection checklist in India will allow homebuyers to inspect the walls and ceiling. A homebuyer should check and make a point of any cracks developing on walls and ceiling.  This crack maybe because of workmanship or structural issues. If the buyer spotted the hairline crack, it may be because of improper workmanship or cosmetic reason. However, if the buyer noted the walls cracked and the windows and door frames are not in a level, this shows the structural defects.  The buyer should check for broken walls and ceiling, hollow or loose plaster on the wall, etc. The loose or hollow plaster can collapse if not repaired. The buyer should look if any visible water stains on the walls and ceiling. This spot in light brownish color. If noted, the buyer should ask for a professional home inspector to help to find the root cause of leakage.  It is necessary to check any peeling or flaking off the paint on walls and ceiling.

Checklist For Doors

Proper working of the main door is very essential as they connect it with the security of your home. Nowadays flush doors commonly used in the home’s construction. The buyer should check the proper working condition of the main door at the time of  DIY’s home inspection. The homebuyer can take help of this checklist. Carefully check any presence of sapwood, cracks, decay, shakes, door knot in the frame, or door. This kind of defect can damage the frame and door during regular use. Affects the aesthetic view also. Main and bathroom flush doors should be made with waterproof adhesive. And if improper adhesive used, the panel will start to delaminate and peel. The door should be properly open and close with no obstruction. The door should be properly inspected for damaged, missing, and uneven fittings. Check the door for proper weather-stripping.  Improper weather-stripping will cause loss of air conditions air or cooling. Necessary to check for binding, improper alignment, etc issues at the time of DIY door inspection.

Checklist For Tiling Work

Flooring (Tilling) is the foundation of any beautiful room. We can inspect tiling work before the move-in using a home inspection checklist in India. It’s necessary to check that any hollow tiles present in flooring or dado. If there then it can easily crack or damaged after regular use. Dado tiles, vertically fitted in your kitchen and bathrooms, can fall sometimes if they are hollow. The buyer can inspect is there any lippage (uneven) is over 1 to 2 mm.  If there then it can be hazardous. The sharp lopsided edges of tiles can hurt the fingers of the leg and past that individual can fall. The buyer should inspect and make sure that the bathroom flooring slope is maintained towards the nahani trap. To check this buyer can pour water on the floor and check water is draining or not. And if the water is not draining because of the improper slope can make slippery. This can become dangerous for walking.

Checklist For Plumbing and Fixtures

A plumbing inspection is an important part of the entire inspection ecosystem.  A professional inspection can save home buyers from future inconvenience and expenses.  The buyer can take help of this inspection checklist during the DIY home inspection. Check for clogged/blocked outlet pipes. Construction waste is the major culprit for block pipe in the new possession home. Clogged or blocked pipe increases internal pressure in the pipe. This may cause slight cracks or even bursting. The buyer should examine the leaks in the concealed pipeline, fittings, and fixtures. The small to small leak can spread to damp and this will cause mold growth in the home. Leakage will cause cosmetic damage to your home. Leakage will cause cosmetic damage to your home. Leakage in pipe and fixtures may cause damages like peeling of paint or wallpaper, decay in the door frame, delaminating of plywood, etc. The buyer should properly inspect the plumbing fixtures to include taps, inlet and outlet valves, shower, flush, W. C, washbasin, sink, etc. for any visible damage or improper fixing.

Checklist For Electrical and Fixtures

A proper electric system functioning is important for healthy homes. Our home inspection checklist in India will provide home buyers with basic things about what to check during the inspection. Besides doing DYI inspection, we recommended performing a comprehensive electrical inspection through a professional home inspection company. Check if all light switches and outlets working properly or not. carefully check if any switch making a sound like buzzing or crackling. If you heard then it may be caused because of an internal short circuit in the switch. The buyer should check and ensure that the main DB and RCM/MCB are not outdated. Check for adequate numbers of the electric point is provided in each room or not. To check the functionality of RCCB/MCB, inadequate wire provision, improper earthling, loose connection, etc. a home buyer must appoint a professional home inspector.

Checklist For Windows

Energy loss may cause an exorbitant energy bill.  A window home inspection checklist will indicate if there are gaps between the window’s frame or sliding that may cause energy loss. Check for a misaligned window or frame. The misaligned window can cause damage to the internal fixture. The buyer should check for non -functional lock. This may affect the security of the home. Check for any damage in glass or frame. Check for the gap between the window frame and sill. The unnoticed gap may create enormous problems in the rainy season. Can cause leakage in the wall. Properly inspect for the window gasket seal is not broken or damaged anywhere throughout the body. The homebuyer can use the home inspection checklist in India to note down the above-said issues.

Checklist for Carpet Area

The buyer can check the room sizes in terms of the length and breadth of all the rooms. And can verify these room sizes shown in a brochure or agreement. Small to the slight differences in carpet area can cost a sizeable amount in lacs of rupees.

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