Flat Inspection

Flat Inspection must require service for India Real Estate Industry. When you decide to buy a property, you take a decision for a lifetime. Buying perfect abodes turn out to be one of the biggest dreams of people’s lives, for which they work tooth and nail throughout their lives. If you’ve decided to do the same, you must ensure that no agent or seller offers you something inappropriate when it comes to your new house. 

Due to the lack of knowledge regarding real estate and its quality, many buyers fall into false promises made by sellers and end up owning homes with a considerably lower carpet area, poor construction quality, and water damage & leakage issues. That’s when house inspection comes into play.

The house inspection is a major part of the home buying process. Some call it a flat inspection, some call it apartment inspection, and at some places outside and in India, it is even called property snagging services. You can call it anything but the process remains the same. This process helps buyers to offer them a true picture of the quality of the property, allowing them to get into an informed decision about purchasing the same. 

Let’s discuss it in detail:

What is a Flat Inspection?

A house or flat inspection is an independent, non-invasive inspection of the general condition of a residential dwelling, most often in relation to the sale of such a dwelling. Home inspectors are typically trained and certified to do such inspections and have the proper training. 

A thorough apartment inspection will disclose buyer many things not visible to the naked eye, including unseen (but probably quite serious) problems like insect infestation and water damage.

Also revealed are systems like electricity, plumbing, and gas that could be costing you money by not being in good operating condition or simply by extending the life of your appliances or structure.

How to Book Flat Inspection Services?

If you are willing to book certain house inspection services, then all you need to do is to shake hands with the internet. Just find a perfect provider for property snagging services online, and call the service provider directly. 

You can either book these services while making the home-buying decision or while taking possession of the property. Ask the service provider to inspect at your favorable time. And when both the parties agree, book the services.

How Does the Process of Flat Inspection Work?

Once you book the services, the inspection team will reach the described property at the defined time. The team of professionals includes qualified civil engineers, well-versed plumbers & electricians, and other real estate experts. They will begin inspecting the property while using advanced and all-updated tech tools, such as thermal cameras to detect unseen damage issues, socket tester to find out Earthing & wiring problems, and slope meter to check the alignment of the bathroom slope, etc. 

The professionals ensure paying heed to every nook and cranny related to the construction, including construction quality, plumbing system, electrical arrangement, carpentry work, doors, windows, flooring, and tiles, etc. It takes almost one to two hours’ time to inspect a 1BHK apartment. And the time increases as the house carpet area increases. Once the inspection is done, the team informs the homebuyer about the completion of the work. 

The report is provided to the homebuyer within two working days after the inspection is performed. Through the report, the homebuyer can get to know each and every component of the property and all the incorporated damages & defects. The inspection report helps buyers to identify cracks in the foundation, detect the source of any water leakage, deterioration in the structure or material of the structure, flaking paint or rust on any part of the structure, detect any crack in the structure, and also to detect any problem with the plumbing system. 

After going through the report properly, the buyer can submit this report to the seller or developer to ask them to rectify those issues. This whole process affirms buyers that they are shifting to an efficient and perfect place to live in. This way, they can save themselves for countless future issues that may go hard on their pocketbook just after they buy a house.

The Final Say

All in all, the entire inspection process should be done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. You do not get to waste any time because of things that could have been done before the house inspection even began. By following the right flat inspection tactics, you can ensure that you get the best value for your money, the most efficient installation practices, and the safest and stable place to live in or to offer a buyer who’s going to make your space his new abode.

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