In Home Inspection one of the major aspect is Door Inspection as they connected it with the security of the home.

In one of the previous blog, we provided the graphical data about inspection issues. That blog provided the details regarding door inspection. Our inspectors noted 27% issues about doors, in that 90% of issues are moderate in impact and 10% belong to high or critical impact category. Critical impact issues should repair or replace with no delay to avoid further damage to the door. A 69% issue found during inspection is because of poor workmanship.  31% defect caused in the door are because of substandard material used. We have provided a deep analysis of door issues in this blog to help developers or contractors to improve the quality of work. The blog also helps the property owner to understand issues affecting the life of the doors installed in their respective rooms.

We summarized the door inspection data into different categories to analyze issues. Following are the key finding of door inspection:-

1.) Door frame – We noted maximum issues or defects in this category. 40.6% of defects are affecting door frame quality. The further deep analysis found that damage in a door frame is maximum noted defects by our home inspector. 43.1% of issues contributed by the damaged frame.  Damage frame issues can cause because of poor workmanship or defective wood used. The gap between the door frame and the wall is contributing 22.4% to total door frame issues.  Our inspector also noted unfinished work in the doorframe of ready to move in property. 22.2% is the contribution of unfinished work in total door frame issues. Improper finishing and crack in the door frame are contributing 5.2% & 7.1% in total issues.

2.) Door Shutter – 25.7% is the contribution of this category to total door issues or defects. 38.9% of unfinished work is maximum defects in the door shutter category. Improper plumb or alignment will decrease the door shutter life after regular use. Our inspector noted 14.8% of defects related to improper plumb or alignment. Because of poor workmanship, improper finishing is contributing 11.7% to the total door issue. Damage door and installation issues are contributing 26.1% and 8.6% in total door shutter issues.

3.) Polish – Defect-free polish work can protect the door from scratches, minor external damage, etc. The door becomes moisture resistant. But in the door inspection, we noted 9.8% defect or issues in the polish category. Improper polish work is contributing a maximum of 56.5% to polish defects. Noted 14.3% damage polish work issues during door inspection. Unfinished polish work contributes 29.6% to polish issues.

4.) Door Lock – The lock proper functioning is a very key security factor for a house or apartment. Any issues with lock operating can be hazardous to apartment security. During the home inspection, we found 9.1% of issues related to the door lock. 81.5% is operational or functioning issues, its maximum defect noted in the door lock category. Damage lock and rusting on the lock are contributing 5.5% and 3.2% to door lock issues.

5.) Door Stopper – This category contributing 4.8% issues. Rusting on stopper defect contributes 41.7% maximum defects to this category.4.2% issues noted related to the missing stopper. Installation issues & stain on stopper contribute 25% and 29.2% to total defects.

6.) Screw Issues – Note 3.3% screw issues during door inspection. The missing screw is a maximum 51.5% defect in this category. Improper screw fixing and rusting screw issues contribute 42.4% and 6.1% to this category.

7.) Others – The Cleaning issues contribute 3.8% to total door issues. Rusted Handle and hinges defects contribute 2.4% and 0.5% to total doors defects.

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