Construction quality inspection

Third Party Inspection To Developers

A large number of developers/realtors/builders allowed third party inspection in their respective projects. This thing clearly shows they are transparent towards the construction quality of there respective projects. We observed some developers respond negatively or not allowing third party home inspection or snagging.  Some of the developers even reputed developer said ” we don’t allow the third party inspection”, ” we have our quality inspection team”. etc. But the apartment or house buyers also want to sure with the third party eye on the apartment or house is completed in all requirements and defect-free before taking possession. Third-party home inspection service plays a very critical role in apartment or project snagging before possession. By appointing or allowing third-party home inspection companies like PropChekup, developers or builders can minimize the defects in finishing work and improve the overall quality of the project. It also helps the developer to reduce customer complaints at the time of the apartment or flat possession. We are at Propcheckup use the mobile application to collect snagging or inspection data. It helps us to collect data from anywhere from the world. As all we aware that developers or the top management can’t visit the site and check quality defects daily. The developer’s on-site project team provide hard copy report on a monthly or quarterly basis regarding quality issues.  Procheckup has developed a real-time dashboard to check the snagging or inspection data in real-time by seating in a corporate office or any corner of the world.

“e.g. If your project is pre-inspected by Propcheckup and at the time of possession customer raises the complaint regarding the damaged lock that was installed at the master bedroom door in his/her apartment or flat. By just logging to the dashboard you can filter the data as per flat and even as per room and check the issues with proper photo by seating in your corporate office. And you don’t have to wait to get the offline data from your on-site project team.” Procheckup snagging or home inspection data is a very useful tool available for the developer to summarize and compare the contractor’s performance at the end of the project. Developers can get the data of total issues and poor workmanship of respective contractor and so the project team can calculate the loss of time and money due to the contractor’s poor workmanship.  By doing third party inspection developer can build trust among the buyers by branding the project “Move-In Certified” or “Pre-Inspected Apartment”

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